Henko (S) Pte Ltd is the appointed partner of Vision Experts GmbH in Asia

Date: April 13, 2015
vision-experts-logo Henko (S) Pte Ltd distributes a wide range of quality control and measurement equipment and machinery for the metal can packaging industry with their sales and service support offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Shanghai. The company has been a successful force in the packaging industry for over 30 years.

Vision Experts’ top of the line VE4000+ METAL print quality inspection system for metal decorated sheets was introduced to the Asian market in 2014 and has already sold VE systems to convincing clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

Demand for higher quality standards in the decoration of metal sheets has driven the market players to look for an online solution to inspect every single sheet 100% to reliably ensure the consistence in printing quality, minimizing print flaws and detecting color deviations, ink splash, scumming, oil/water drops, dirts, text defects, color mis-registration and more.

The Vision Experts solution allows for monitoring of even minor quality defects and alerts the print operator for immediate remedy action.

Hans-Hermann Bibel, Managing Director of Germany-based Vision Experts, expresses his confidence in Henko with the partnership already proving a success and the right timing to introduce Vision Experts to the Asian market. He is confident: “Henko has a dedicated team of qualified people to market our inspection product and is deeply familiar with the packaging industry in Asia … our target is to become the metal inspection leader in Asia just like we have become in Europe.” He adds: “We thank Henko for their expertise and trust and are looking forward to an excellent continued partnership.”