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Henko’s value proposition has always been supplying equipment to industries such as oil and gas, automotive, aviation, computer disk drive, and semi-conductor. Our company has diversified over the years while maintaining the exemplary standard of expertise and support we offer our clients. Today we supply equipment for a wide range of additional industries including automotive, electronic , energy, metal works, pharmaceutical, plastic molding.

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We are suppliers of a wide range of high-tech machinery from leading brands including Micro-Vu, Vici Vision, Metrios, ISRA Vision, Tsugami, Gruppo Parpas, Omax, Trevisan, Unisig, Pietro Carnaghi, ONA, AZ SPA, Niles-Simmons, Ohio Tool Works. We work in close partnership with all of these brands to provide our clients with sophisticated equipment which optimizes their operations. In addition to the wealth of information our professional engineers are able to offer, we are also capable of performing customized sales and service solutions to your every need.

For more information on Henko’s role as a supplier in the ASEAN region, or to enquire about how we may be able to assist you in your business operations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by using the online enquiry form.

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