Part of the world renowned Leonhardt Group

As a globally operating company and specialist in manufacturing high-speed for metal and composite packaging, the needs and requirements of global customers are well met by Blema.

With over 150 years of history, Blema is the best there is in exercising its extensive competence with regard to one of the oldest engineering discipline. The future-oriented innovation capabilities and state-of-the-art facilities make a machine labeled “Gebrüder Leonhardt – Blema Kircheis” something really special.

Available Equipment

Gamma II Modular Can Maker
GAMMA IIKEADH 100/3KEADH 100/4KEADH 100/6KEADH 100/8KEADH 100/12
Number of modules1...7 in individual configuration
Stations per module346812
Performance max. [cpm] *3004006008001200
Can diameterΦ 45…105 mm ** (112…404
Can heightAutom. Height adjustm't 80…320 mm ** (302…1210)
Man. Height adjustm’t 40…180 mm ** (109…701)
Material specificationTinplate, aluminum
Sheet thickness0.13…0.35 mm **
MassApprox. 2500 kg / module
DimensionsLength / module = 750 mm
Width = 1500 mm
Height = 2500 mm
*depending on product size and material
**other formats on request

Gamma II Modular Can Maker

Kappa Automatic Crank Press
ProductsStandard ends, aerosol bottoms, shells for (clamping) rings & caps cardboard bottoms /endsDrawn cans (standard, corrugated, conical) clamping rings drawn can parts
Material specificationTinplate, aluminum, TFS cardboard / composite0,15…0,32 mm
0,30…0,40 mm
Nominal press force400 kN630 kN
Number of strokes *200…400 min-170…190 min-1
Clearance bed /ram * Max. 320 mmMax. 450 mm
Max. diameter **
Single die
Double die
Rectangular die
Special die
φ 190 mm
φ 105 mm
105 x 73 mm
φ 315 mm
φ 175 mm
149 x 81 mm
Hansa can
Ram stroke50; 80; 90; 100 mm100; 120; 150; 180 mm
Adjustable ram stroke *-120; 150 mm
Max. drawing depth30 mm50 (60) mm
Connected load5,5 / 7,5 kVA11 kVA

Kappa Automatic Crank Press

Modular Cap Former
Performance800 cpm*1600 cpm*
Stations per module4 stations8 stations
Number of modules2…4 **
ProductsTO-/PT-caps, other closures
Cap diameter
Cap height
Max. 100 mm **
Max. 40 mm **
Material specificationTinplate, aluminium
Air supplyG1/2”, 0.6 MPa = 6 bar = 87 psi
Mass1600 kg per module
Machine dimensions3850 x 1200 x 1910 mm for 4 modules
Width per module 580 mm

Modular Cap Former