Extensive Product Line

CMC-KUHNKE offers the widest product range in the industry. This is achieved in part through varying degrees of automation: for every attribute to be measured, CMC-KUHNKE has a manual, semi-automated, and fully automated solution. In addition, CMC-KUHNKE offers gauging for all test objects in the metal packaging arena – food, beverage, aerosol, cans, as well as end and double seam inspection. CMC-KUHNKE also has a comprehensive software suite – Visionary QC – for collecting, maintaining, and reporting measurement data. Whatever the size, budget or needs of a customer, CMC-KUHNKE can tailor a package for them

Innovation & Automation

CMC-KUHNKE is committed to innovation and its product line is constantly expanding. For example, CMC-KUHNKE produced the world’s first computerized double seam inspection system in the 1980s and in 2005 sold the first completely automated version of the system. CMC-KUHNKE brings dozens of new and improved products to market each year, often designed in conjunction with can makers who recognize CMC-KUHNKE as the engineering leader in the field. CMC-KUHNKER’s MARS product line is an extensive line of fully automated gauges for can, end, and double seam measurement as well as enamel rating.

Measurement Experience

CMC-KUHNKE has long had the reputation for providing the highest quality and accuracy of gauging. CMC-KUHNKE is committed to quality and guarantees it with a Gauge Quality Guarantee: in conjunction with the customer, a standard for the gauge is agreed upon and confirmed with extensive R&R testing prior to shipment. DR or other approved methods of gauge qualification are also available.

Available Equipment