Vision Experts

You Print – We Inspect

Vision Experts GmbH is a specialist in comprehensive inspection in the production of premium-quality print products over the entire production process. The systems in our VE 4000+ family are used exclusively for 100% inspection of print and finishing processes in the graphic industry. Our solutions are working in web and sheet-fed printing machines, and for converting equipment.

Printing errors VISION EXPERT 4000 detects


  • Colour changes: subtle colour deviations, colour differences from Delta-E 3, completely or partially missing colour, mistakes in colour gradients, smears, blotches, splatters, bleeding
  • Clouding of printed matter
  • Stripes, streaks, dirt
  • Hickeys, shades, smudges, water drips
  • Incorrect text: missing, blurred or incomplete characters, erroneous or missing sections of text, missing symbols, errors in foreign languages
  • Incomplete or missing print
  • Missing labels
  • Register errors or fluctuations
  • Lacquer: Wholly or partially missing
  • Punching errors: punching remnants, kiss-cut text
  • Inaccurate barcodes
  • Mistaken printing
  • Flaws in foil finishing
  • Registration deviation
  • And Much more…


The 4000+ Metal : The best innovation to metal sheet inspection. 100% print inspection for metal decoration and detect all flaws earlier and prevent waste.

Each inspection system within the VISION EXPERT 4000 series can be deployed to monitor each of the stages involved in the processing of printed materials and is flexible enough to be adapted to the specific set-up: from sheet-fed printing, to rotary printing presses, rewinders or other types of processing machines. Over 300 installations in 15 countries attest to our products reliability, efficiency and customer confidence.

Our powerful solutions for print inspection therefore detect print flaws before they become a serious problem and result in considerable cost savings.

  • Guaranteed 100% level of quality control inspection
  • Reduce waste and prevent recalls, ensure highest quality, increase productivity.

Images captured are always geometrically precise, highest quality and verified for errors in real-time.

Available Materials