4000+ Metal

Optimised inspection technology for metal printing

High-­‐gloss products, non-­‐uniform travel of the metal sheets on the transport belt and imprecise positioning of metal sheets during the inspection process present major challenges. This is where all conventional print inspection systems fail. The VE4000+ Metal was designed specially for metal printing.

Print flaw detection at the best precision

Foreign bodies, spots, ink splatters, smearing and toning, ink interruptions, register faults, damaged rubber blankets and printing plates are detected reliably.

The fault tolerances can be fine-­‐tuned in line with customer requirements. This ensures reproducible quality. With spectral colour measurement, you are able to detect very subtle colour changes during the print process, and to take appropriate measures, by means of measuring spots anywhere on the sheet.

The VE 4000+ Metal inspection system continually monitors the print process – every metal sheet, every panel, at all times. Entailing 100% inspection. Highly optimized to the requirements of metal decoration and the conditions within the decorating line. Whether you are printing tin plate or aluminium, using 2,4 or 6 colours, creating high-­‐gloss or matt motives – the system is optimized for it.

Key benefits include
  • Printing flaws are flagged the moment they arise
  • The machine operator is able to intervene and prevent widespread failure, averting large quantities of waste and increasing quality
  • Single, poor-­‐quality metal sheets can be discharged automatically
  • Quality becomes more consistent
  • Customer complaints are averted