Modular Cap Former

Modular Cap Former


The GAMMA III Machine system is designed for the manufacturing of drawn parts for:

  • Twist-off caps (TO)
  • Press-twist caps (PT) and
  • Other closures

The modular design enables:

  • Flexible machine concepts
  • Individual arrangements and number of modules
  • Easy and fast exchange of complete devices in all modules
  • Very short changeover times due to preset tools and transfer devices
Performance 800 cpm* 1600 cpm*
Stations per module 4 stations 8 stations
Number of modules 2…4 **
Products TO-/PT-caps, other closures
Cap diameter
Cap height
Max. 100 mm **
Max. 40 mm **
Material specification Tinplate, aluminium
Air supply G1/2”, 0.6 MPa = 6 bar = 87 psi
Mass 1600 kg per module
Machine dimensions 3850 x 1200 x 1910 mm for 4 modules
Width per module 580 mm

* depending on product size and material

** other formats on request


Modular Cap Sample
  • Modular Design
  • Four or eight working stations per turret
  • Drawn parts are separated and accelerated by an infeed worm and fed to the first module
1st Module – Performing

Preparing of edge of the shell for the following operation
Principle: die-forming

2nd Module – Precurling

Curling of the edge to the inner side using profiled tools
Principle: roll- or die- forming

3rd Module – Curling and Lug-forming

Finishing of the inner roll and forming of the lugs
Principle: die-forming

New: 4th Module – Forming of safety button

Forming of the safety button during the last step to eliminate possible deformation caused by the preceding operations
Principle: embossing