Pietro Carnaghi
The Pietro Carnaghi company was founded in 1922 and specializes in machine tools with high demanding performances, is today active on the market in the production of:
  • Vertical lathes
  • Movable portals milling machines (GANTRY type)
  • FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems), cells.
Pietro Carnaghi is world leader in the production of large vertical lathes and provides in addition to the machines, the advanced machining technology and effective aid to the customer’s production needs for
  • Energy: machining of gas, steam and Hydroelectrical turbines; nuclear energy; wind energy
  • Aeronautics, jet engines
  • Aerospace
  • Mining equipment and earthmoving
  • Bearings
  • General mechanics


Vertical Lathes

ATF Series (1000 ~ 1400 mm)
ATT Series (1500 ~ 2400 mm)
AC Series Single Frame (1600 ~ 3200 mm)
AC Series Double Column (3600 ~ 6500 mm)

Large Vertical Lathes

AP Series Double (7000 ~ 14000 mm)
AY Series Movable Table
AS Series Single Column (6500 ~ 18000 mm)

Pallet Systems

Rotating Pallet
Translating Pallet
Translating Y Axis
FMS Cell System

Vertical Machining Centers of Milling and Turning

Grantry Milling Machine