ISRA VISION AG is one of the industry leading manufacturers of industrial image processing systems and a global leader in surface inspection of web materials and 3D machine vision applications.

 Within its print product segment, the company offers high-performance inline inspection solutions for a wide range of applications and materials; from metal and decorative prints to paper packaging. ISRA´s portfolio includes CoatSTAR – a solution for metal coatings and DecoSTAR – an inspection system for metal decoration

Metal Sheet Decoration

Optimize your metal sheets coating and printing process to assure a high level of customer satisfaction – at highest possible production speed. ISRAs inline print inspection solutions help prevent processing of defective material. Constant inline print inspection, color monitoring, and coating inspection for welding area integrity. The processed plates are continuously early to ensure most homogenous product quality.

The quality is documented in sophisticated quality reports. Defective plates can be ejected if required.


Discover all print, material and edge defects, monitor color fidelity and ensure registration accuracy in metal printing.

Maximum increase of yield: 100% inline inspection for metal decoration reduces waste and offers a complete quality and process control even at full production speed. The systems detect all print, material, and edge defects accurately, as well as monitor the color fidelity and ensure the register accuracy.


Early inspection of coating quality, sheet margins, and weld areas on coated sheets while processing raw material.

Guaranteed flawless products and less waste through early inspection of coating quality, sheet margins, and weld areas: The inspection solution detects coating defects in the micrometer range and sorts out damaged sheets before the decoration process. Thus, only suitable material is further processed, plus expensive machine downtimes and rejects are reduced. Due to the simple setup and operation, the system shortens set-up time and optimizes process monitoring.