CNC Precision Automatic Lathe
B026-III Series
B032-III Series
B038-III Series

To handle complicated workpieces with variable types and variable tooling.

Main Characteristics:

  1.  Wide Selection of Swissturn lathes best suited to your application
  2.  3-Linear Axis – dedicated front side machining only.
  3.  4-Linear Axis – with back spindle, part-off side machining is
     possible. Tool post is mutual use.
  4.  5-Linear Axis – by dedicated tool post for back machining,
     front & back simultaneous machining is possible and more
     productive than 4-linear axis machine.
  5.  6-Linear Axis – thanks to the Y2 Axis on the back tool post,
     milling capability is improved on the backside machining.


B026-III SeriesB032-III SeriesB038-III Series
Max. machinable dia.Φ27 mmΦ32 mmΦ38 mm
Main spindle speed200~10,000 min-1200~8,000 min-1200~6,000 min-1
Back spindle speed200~10,000 min-1200~8,000 min-1200~8,000 min-1
Rapid traverse rate35 m/min (X1, Y1: 24 m/min)32 m/min
(X1, Y1, Z1, Z2: 24 m/min)
Main spindle motor3.7/5.5 kW7.7/11 kW