100% Pre-Press Coating Inspection


The inline inspection system CoatSTAR maintains very high quality standards, required in industries such as food packaging, and ensures that only flawlessly coated plates will be processed in the printing press. Through its high form-fit with a vast degree of freedom it fits any machine and is the most widely used system in the metal decorating industry.

CoatSTAR increases the throughput of high quality products in the metal and metal packaging print production right from the start. Defective plates will be identified early and removed from the production in the raw material processing phase. Thus, leading to a cost-saving effect since flawed material will not reach the print process.

100% Pre-Press Coating Inspection

Product Information

  • Best resolution suitable for detection capabilities
  • Finds coating defect before more expensive print process
  • Reduce waste and increase yield
  • High form-fit factor with high degree of freedom to fit any machine in the market
  • High efficiency and long life LED illumination for years of maintenance-free service


Max. sheet sizeMax. line speedCameraResolutionIlluminationPower supply
Operating system
1200 mm
9.000 sheets/h
8k High Speed monochrome170µmISRA BackLINE LED
110 – 230 V
Windows 7, 64 bit


  • Coating for every metal decorated packaging product
  • Specialty packaging with complex finishing
  • Beverage seal components, lids and caps
  • Aerosol cans and tins
  • Canisters for paints or oil