M Series

Now even faster, this series reduces measuring times and sets a new bar in its sector.

The live image of the part displayed by the software, combined with the LED illuminated extensive working area, gives a clear vision of the conditions of the component being measured.

The retractable sensors enabled during loading and unloading provide reinforcement, with additional one of a kind protective bumpers.

The ergonomic piece clamping lever has a considerably wide grip, which is suitable both for left and right-handed operators and prevents obstruction of the view when clamping or unclamping the part.

The M series measures small components as easily as large shafts, capturing the finest details such as ridges and radii.

M2 and M3 offer an increased load capacity that allows elements up to 240 mm in diameter to be positioned.


ModelMeasuring fieldMax. loadable sizesAccuracy Ø - LRepeatability Ø - LSize
L x D x H mm
Power supply
M1c160 x 60 mm315 x 120 mm - 10 Kg2 + D (mm)/100)] µm
5 + L (mm)/100)] µm
0,4 µm / 3 µm595 x 780 x 950 mm230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1,73 A
M1300 x 60 mm
M2600 x 140 mm625 x 240 mm - 30 Kg920 x 1030 x 2000 mm
M3900 x 140 mm925 x 240 mm - 30 Kg



Automatic solution for the measurement of medical screw

MSV 2014 - VICI VISION MTL 500 Ergon + Robot UR5

VICIVISION - MTL 500 Ergon Robot cell for measuring plastic bottles