M-Mark Series
Portable Dot Peen Marking Machines

Compact battery-type wireless portable dot peen marking machine can be marked with one hand, so it can be used effectively for heavy materials and outdoor working field

  • Compact cordless portable dot peen marking machine
  • Independence
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Reliable durability


TypeBattery-type Cordless portable Dot peen marking machine
Size286 x 135 x 285 mm320 x 236 x 339 mm
Weight2.4 kg3.2 kg
Input methodMobile app operation without controller (Android/iOS mobile and tablet PC)
Marking area50 x 30 mm150 x 50 mm
Text size1 ~ 29 mm1 ~ 49 mm
Standard PackageMachine, 2 batteries, Carry case
AccessoriesFront fixtures, Combo attachment, Tablet controller, etc.