GOZIO: Vertical Axis Transfer – GS 16-G3-C-8 CNC


Particularly suitable for completing parts which require multiple machining of 3,4,5 axes and can be supplied with up to 14 stations having 3 or more units per station.

  • 16 working units and an 8-station turret with self centering two jaw chucks.
  • Designed for complete machining of special valve bodies which require machining on up to 5 coplanar axes
  • 3 out of the 6 horizontal units are positioned and clamped form a 0-45 degree angle via CNC control
  • Allows for the machining of different valve bodies with either inline or inclined ports.
  • 2 of the vertical units utilize CNC operated cross-slides for performing thread milling and profile milling as well as other single point boring operations.
  • Single point threading, recessing/facing