GOZIO: Vertical Axis Transfer – GS 18-G3/G5-C-10

Particularly suitable for completing parts which require multiple machining of 3,4,5 axes and can be supplied with up to 14 stations having 3 or more units per station.

  • Produces brass water meter housing and other similar parts
  • Incorporates “hanging drum type turret”
  • Turret uses a three piece hirth type coupling arrangement, allowing for uncoupling, rotation, position and clamping, without any axial movement.
  • Unobstructed chip evacuation to the centralized chip system under the turret.
  • Machining units are able to address the workpiece from the vertical down, vertical up and horizontal axes.
  • 18 spindles, 10 station turret and Fanuc control, motors and drives.