Micro-Vu: Automated Vision Systems

Micro-Vu Automated Vision Systems

Automated Vision systems – Vision systems can locate and measure features with high precision and speed. Systems integrate precision encoders and a video image with automated 3-axis motion control, zoom magnification, lighting, edge tools, and metrology software.

The Vertex Measuring Center is a high precision solution for smaller parts. Designed with the future in mind, the Vertex has a compact design, machine-side electronics, and an external computer. These features provide for high reliability, simple USB setup, and easy computer upgrades.

The Excel Measuring Centers are high precision measurement solutions for larger parts, multiple parts and multiple fixture setups. Equipped with servo motion control, the Excel machines measure parts up to 2.5 meters (over 8 feet). Operators load parts and start a measurement program. The machines can run for hours while operators work on other inspection and quality control tasks.

Advanced Lighting
  • Programmable light settings (Surface Ring, Profile, Coaxial)
  • Intuitive Graphic interface
  • Full control to enhance edges
  • Long life LEDs
  • Inspec includes lights calibration
Machine Configurations
  • Come in colour or black and white
  • Powerful machine vision system
  • Programmable 6:1 or 12:1 zoom lens
  • 42 Channel Lighting system
  • Mono-rail bearing design
  • Fast accurate Z measurements with vision (better than many laser system)
  • Fast! Servo motor control
Large Capacities
  • 500x400x160
  • 500x400x250
  • 650x650x160
  • 650x650x250
  • 650x650x400
  • 1050x1050x160
  • 1050x1050x250
  • 1050x1050x400
  • 1650x1050x160
  • 1650x1050x250
  • 1650x1050x400
  • 1650x1250x160
  • 1650x1250x250
  • 1650x1250x400
  • 2000x1250x200
  • 2500x1600x200

*Automated platen Available on 650 x650 x 160 systems

ModelVertex 251Vertex 311
Measurement cap250x160x160315x315x160
Machine dim606x808x1030720x1085x1030
Scale res0.1 mic0.1 mic
XY acc2.0+ L/2502.6+L/175
Z acc2.0+l/2003.0+L/150
Viewed mag20x-390x
  • Gaskets/seals
  • Sheet Metal
  • Pcbs
  • Lcd Components
  • Artwork
  • Masks stencils
  • Flex circuits
  • Motor laminates
  • Lcd/touch panel glass
  • Solar panels
  • Light guides
  • Plastics
  • Touch probe ready
  • Laser ready
  • Rotary indexer ready
  • With included respective automated calibrations
  • No need for a paid software updates!