Micro-Vu: Inspec Metrology Software

Inspec Metrology Software is powerful, yet simple to use.

Point-and-click programming, centrally located icons, and a fixed windows minimize programming time.InSpec is easy to use for manual measurements too.

Use the same software on automated and manual systems.

Standard Features
  • Part Program compatibility (transfer programs between systems with Inspec). Advanced lighting picture as well. All shown in catalog. Inspec programs can be interchangeable among different systems.
  • Seamlessly integrates advanced touch probe,laser and rotary functions if options are available, with no need for updates.
  • Free Inspec 2.x.x updates- No maintenance fees!
  • Saves data to DXF format. Optionally it can convert to EXCELLON, GERBER, IGES… types.
  • Advance dimensioning and tolerancing
  • Feature summary display
  • Data points display (whisker charts)
  • Image capture and export to jpg or bmp
  • 42 channel lighting toggle
Multisensor measuring options gives more possibilities for measuring different types of components. Rotary indexer- measuring camera part.

  • f1
  • f2
  • f3
  • f4
  • f5

Micro-Vu offers Touch Probe Kits as accessories on Vertex and Excel measurement systems. The kits add touch probe CMM capabilities to these vision systems.

  • All Vertex and Excel Systems are Probe-Ready
  • Kinematic Mounts Protect Change Rack and Calibration Artifacts
  • Change Rack, Calibration Artifacts, and Probes can be Removed and Replaced without Re-Calibration
  • InSpec Software Seamlessly Integrates Advanced Touch Probe Functions
  • Intuitive Probe Assembly Interface
  • Automated Docking in Multi-Port Probe Change Rack
  • Automated Probe Tip Qualification Including Lobing
  • Automated Z Scale and Perpendicularity Calibration
  • Automatic Approach Vectoring and Solution Iteration
  • Automatic Retract and Adjustable Standoff Distances
  • Free InSpec updates

InSpec is used on all Micro-Vu measuring systems, including the Vertex, Excel, Matrix, Vector, Spectra, Qubix, and Quantum automated and manual machines.

Rotary indexer kits

This option adds w-axis rotation capabilities to your machine.

  • All Vertex and Excel Systems are Indexer-Ready
  • Systems have multiple mounting locations. Select the best location for your specific application
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting plates are included in each kit.
  • A Rotary Indexer can be easily removed and replaced
  • A Rotary Indexer Kit includes face place, chuck adapter, adjustable chuck, 45 degree mirror fixture and calibration artifact.
  • InSpec Software Seamlessly Integrates Advanced Touch Probe Functions
  • Intuitive Rotary Control Interface
  • Automated Offset rotations
  • Calculation of offsets based of measured data
  • Cut and Paste of Features around Rotary Axis

Laser Option

  • Multisensor option offers more diversity in part measuring.
  • Fast dot scanning of 3D profile
  • User friendly control by standard software
  • Dispersive / reflex mod of the probe
  • Dot or line scanning
  • Alterable dot density
  • Automatic calibration

Lighting options : Ability to control lighting parameters with a click of a mouse

  • f6_1
  • f7_1
  • f8_1
  • f9_1
  • f10_1
  • f11_1
  • f12_1
  • f13_1
  • f14_1
  • f15_1
  • f16_1
  • f17_1