OTW: Super Abrasives

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Heavy Industrial Honing Abrasives

We offer several different Metalbonded Honing abrasive combinations to fit your application.
Abrasive Selections include CBN and Diamond.

  • Utilizing Metalbond opposed to Vitrified Bonds increases the life of the abrasive greatly.
  • All standard shapes and sizes are available
  • Geomatries: All standard heights, widths and lengths.

Modifiable- Blind hold, hard tips, abrasive length variations

  • All standard Mounts are available

Sunnen Style Honing Abrasives

  • H, K, L, P & R honing abrasives in all of the most popular abrasive sizes in both Diamond and CBN.
  • Our stones are proven to perform superbly for life and stock removal. Reducing costs and improving bore geometry.

We stock the most popular Abrasive Size. Most in stock orders ready to ship within 24 hours of receipt of order