TSUGAMI: Auto Lathe – B0125-II/205-II


Best for mass production of high-precision small components; such as parts for office automation equipment, medical equipment, digital camera, cellular phones, optical communications and automobile parts.

  • Front and back overlapped machining is possible with the back spindle and the back tool post.
  • Prepared the 3-spindle/4-spindle cross drill, cross rigid tap, front rigid tap and back rigid tap (optional)
  • Correspond to guide-bushing-less specification suited for short workpieces


Max. machinable dia.Φ12mmΦ20mm
Main spindle speed200~12,000min-1200~10,000min-1
Back spindle speed200~12,000min-1
Total number of tools21
Rapid traverse rate32m/min (X1: 24m/min)
Main spindle motor1.5/2.2kW2.2/3.7Kw
Width x Depth x Height1,640×1,080×1,700mm