UNISIG: B-Series Rack and Pinion

BTA SOLID DRILL150mm (6in)200mm (8in)300mm (11.8in)400mm (15.7in)400mm (15.7in)500mm (19.7in)
BTA COUNTERBORE/TREPAN250mm (10in)355mm (14in)500mm (19.7in)630mm (24.8in)630mm (24.8in)1000mm (39.4in)
DRILL DEPTH3M - 20M (10ft - 65ft)3M - 20M (10ft - 65ft)3M - 20M (10ft - 65ft)3M - 20M (10ft - 65ft)3M - 20M (10ft - 65ft)3M - 30M (10ft - 98ft)
Machine Series Features
  • Drill depth of 20M (65ft)
  • Rack and pinion drive
  • Precision ground hardened guideways
  • Cast iron bed
  • Geared headstocks for high torque applications
  • Modern, efficient design
Machine Configurations
  • Rotating workpiece, stationary tool
  • Rotating tool, counter-rotation workpiece
  • Rotating tool, stationary workpiece
  • BTA/STS solid drilling
  • BTA/STS counter boring
  • Trepanning
  • Skiving and roller burnishing
Advanced Options
  • Fanuc or Seimens CNC
  • Lantern chuck for pull bore tooling
  • X-axis actuator for bottle boring
Machine Accessories
  • Precision pressure heads
  • Vibration dampener carriages
  • Workholding chucks
  • Workpiece roller steady
  • Hinged belt chip conveyor
  • Coolant chiller or heat exchanger
Tooling Accessories
  • Drill tubes
  • Drill tube clamps
  • Drill bushing systems
  • Tube seal packing glands
  • Vibration dampener cartridges
Workpiece Type Cylindrical, Tubular
Hole Location Primarily On-center
Workpiece Weight < 100 Tons