Manufacturing with fewer setups — mill, contour, deep hole drill and compound angle machining UNISIG USC-M series machines are designed to process large and small parts with four-sided machining capability in a single setup.

GUNDRILLING DIAMETER25 mm (1.0 in)50 mm (2.0in)50 mm (2.0 in)
BTA/STS DRILLING DIAMETER--38 mm (1.5 in)50 mm (2.0 in)
NOMINAL DRILLING DEPTH1,200 mm (47.2 in)1500 mm (59.1 in)1,830 mm (72.0 in)
DRILLING SPINDLE POWER10 kW (15 hp)15 kW (20 hp)22 kW (30 hp)
MACHINING SPINDLE POWER10 kW (15 hp)15 kW (20 hp)22 kW (30 hp)
AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGER (OPTION)20 position24 position24 position
W-AXIS TRAVEL (COLUMN OR RAM POSITION)400 mm (15.7 in)500 mm (19.7 in)1,524 mm (60.0 in)
X-AXIS TRAVEL (TABLE HORIZONTAL)1,500 mm (59.1 in)2,000 mm (78.7 in)3,050 mm (120.0 in)
Y-AXIS TRAVEL (HEADSTOCK VERTICAL)1,200 mm (47.2 in)1,500 mm (59.1 in)1,830 mm (72.0 in)
Z1-AXIS TRAVEL (DRILLING)1500 mm (59.1 in)1,830 mm (72 in)2,440 mm (96.0 in)
Z2-AXIS TRAVEL (MACHINING)400 mm (15.7 in)500 mm (19.7 in)500 mm (19.7 in)
A-AXIS TRAVEL (HEADSTOCK ANGLE)+30, -15+30, -15+30, -15
8-AXIS INCREMENTS (TABLE ROTATION)360,000 positions360,000 positions360,000 positions
TABLE TOP DIMENSIONS800 x 1,000 mm (31.5 in x 39.4 in)1000 x 1,200 mm (39.4 x 47.2 in)1200 x 1,500 mm (47.2 x 59.1 in)
TABLE WEIGHT CAPACITY8 t (17,640 lbs)15 t (33,075 lbs)23 t (50,715 lbs)
Workpiece Type Cylindrical, Tubular
Hole Location Primarily On-center
Workpiece Weight < 100 Tons