UNISIG USC series machines are for deep hole drilling very precise holes in a variety of special applications including large work pieces weighing up to 50 tons. These machines provide a productive alternative to CNC horizontal boring mills to process high depth to diameter ratio holes.

GUNDRILLING DIAMETER25mm (1.0in)38mm (1.5in)50mm (2.0in)75mm (3.0in)--
BTA/STS DRILLING DIAMETER-38mm (1.5in)50mm (2.0in)75mm (3.0in)75mm (3.0in)102mm (4.0in)
BTA/STS COUNTER-BORE DIAMETER-50mm (2.0in)75mm (3.0in)108mm (4.3in)108mm (4.3in)165mm (6.5in)
DRILLING SPINDLE POWER7.5kW (10hp)15kW (20hp)22kW (30hp)37kW (50hp)50kW (67hp)67kW (90hp)
NOMINAL DRILLING DEPTH1,500mm (60in)1,830mm (72in)2,000mm (80in)2,000mm (80in)2,000mm (80in)2,800mm (110in)
Workpiece Type Cylindrical, Tubular
Hole Location Primarily On-center
Workpiece Weight < 100 Tons