UNISIG USK series CNC knee-type deep hole drilling machines are designed for machining complex, very accurate workpieces. Diameter-to-depth ratios greater than 200:1 are possible due to a refined control of the drilling process.

  • Off Center Drilling
  • Specifically designed for routinely and successfully machining Inconel and other exotic materials.
  • Can be configured to be used with standard gundrill, and BTA/STS tooling or both with minimal changeover.


BTA SOLID DRILL-38mm (1.5in)50mm (2.0in)75mm (3.0in)
BTA COUNTERBORE/TREPAN-50mm (2.0in)75mm (3.0in)108mm (4.3in)
GUNDRILL25mm (1.0in)38mm (1.5in)50mm (2.0in)50mm (2.0in)
NOMINAL DRILLING DEPTH750 - 2000mm [30 - 80in]1000 - 2000mm [40 - 80in]1000 - 3000mm [40 - 120in]1500 - 3000mm [60 - 120in]
Machine Accessories
  • Whip guide carriages
  • Vibration dampener carriages
  • Workholding chucks
  • Workpiece steadies
  • Chip conveyor
  • Coolant temperature control
Tooling Accessories
  • Gundrill whip guide cartridges
  • Gundrill drivers and tool holders
  • BTA pressure heads
  • BTA tube clamps and tool holders
  • BTA drill tubes
  • BTA packing glands
  • BTA vibration dampener cartridges
  • Drill bushing systems
Workpiece Type Cylindrical, Tubular
Hole Location Primarily On-center
Workpiece Weight < 100 Tons