Since 15 years, GFMesstechnik is developing, producing and marketing optical 3D measuring and inspection systems and associated application software, worldwide.

According to our many years of experience in optical metrology, we are a competent partner in the area of innovative, top quality measuring technology.

  • Optical 3D surface analysis
  • Optical 3D coordinate measurement
  • Optical 3D in-vivo skin measurement

  • Automatic wear measurement
  • Automatic Measurement of rake- lip- and clearance angles
  • Automatic form deviation and wear measurement
  • Automatic alignment of 3D data and evaluation of all profile lines including calculation of mean radius
  • Statistically safe information regarding edge geometries, eliminating the shortcomings of simple linear profile measurement
  • More than 1000 profile lines acquired within one measurement
  • Very high reproducibility due to the elimination of user specific influences
  • Simple handling by manufacturing staff
  • Cutting edges
  • Material edges
  • D├ęcor, plastics, leather
  • Papers
  • Weld spots
  • Wear and abrasion
  • Erosion and embossing stamps
  • Road Tarmac
  • Roughness, waviness
  • Step height coplanarity
GFM’s MikroCAD system for cutting edge measurement provides for fast, precise and repeatable results, independent of operator influences.

One substantial advantage is the acquisition of complete cutting edge geometries, within just a few seconds.

The acquired data sets can subsequently be used for quality assurance and optimisation of tools as well as the machining process

Available Equipment