Dependable Supplier of MICRO-VU Automated Measuring Systems

Henko supplies a supports a wide range of Micro-Vu measuring machines that include automated vision systems, optical comparators and manual video systems. High precision 2D and 3D measurements are performed by these non-contact and contact measurement systems using video and touch probe inputs. Clients include leading companies in automotive, aerospace, medical components, electronics, plastics, military hardware, plumbing, telecommunications, beverage, consumer products, government/defense and metal working.

Micro-Vu systems inspect and measure a wide range of materials, parts and assemblies with efficient cycle times and minimum down time. With Micro-Vu measuring machines, you will obtain high precision measurements for inspection and quality control. Henko is proud to be a supplier of these advanced automated measuring systems.

Automated Vision Systems

Automated vision systems, with speed and high precision, can locate and measure features specified by your tailored requirements. These systems also integrate precision encoders and a video image by using zoom magnification, lighting, automated 3-axis motion control, metrology software and tools.

Manual Vision Systems

Easy manual measurements are provided with video systems by making use of precision encoders and a video image. An operator, after viewing a video image, adjusts the zoom magnification, lighting and focus as required. Metrology software or readout facilitates a range of measurements.

Optical Comparators

Optical comparators tend to project a surface image of a part or a magnified profile onto a glass screen. An operator adjusts the position and focus as required.

Metrology Software

InSpec Metrology Software offers the power of geometric dimensioning, reporting, and data collection, thus making easy the operators’ role in measuring parts. Software comes with all automated systems and is optional for manual systems.

Select a measurement system based on your part requirements! To learn more about these systems, or about our capabilities as a supplier, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Vision Touch Laser
Machined Part Touch (8 hrs) vs Touch + Vision (3hrs)
Sheet Metal Part Vision (1 hr)5> vs Vision + Laser (8 min)
Plastic Part Manual (4 hrs) vs Vision + Touch (9 min)


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Available Equipment

Micro-Vu: Automated Vision Systems
ModelVertex 251Vertex 311
Measurement cap250x160x160315x315x160
Machine dim606x808x1030720x1085x1030
Scale res0.1 mic0.1 mic
XY acc2.0+ L/2502.6+L/175
Z acc2.0+l/2003.0+L/150
Viewed mag20x-390x

Micro-Vu: Automated Vision Systems