Ohio Tool Works

Reliable Supplier of Honing Abrasives and Stones

Ohio Tool Works is a Leading Edge Award winning company that has been recognised by the honing industry for its top quality, customised honing stones and machines, tools and dedication to the success of its clients. It has recently been honoured as the Vendor of the Year by Honing Incorporation of Houston, Texas, which is a division of the Texas Iron Works. A centre of excellence in the manufacture and sales of horizontal machines, honing abrasives, tooling and accessories, the team at Ohio Tool Works has years of experience and expertise.

Right from owner-operated ‘job shops’ to multinational cylinder manufacturers, we supply honing stones and abrasives to a wide range of clients. Our honing products are offered to clients from across industrial, global oil and gas, hydraulic cylinders, aerospace, automotive, medical device, plastics and metalworking industries. Our range of precision honing products includes:

  • Custom & Replacement Tooling
  • Cutting Fluids and Addictives
  • Vitrified & Metal Bond Abrasives
  • Horizontal & Vertical Honing Machines
  • Service & Applications Support

Providing state of the art honing products to suit your needs

Ohio Tool Works will work closely with you to understand your requirements. Right from the sales experts and engineers to assembly professionals, the organisation aims to support, design and build high quality products in the honing industry and long-lasting customer relationships. The experienced honing experts at OTW are available both in remote as well as onsite to make sure that you get the most practical honing solution for your needs. Be it custom automation solutions or standalone high volume platforms, OTW offers seamlessly integrated and fully-tooled process solutions to optimise your operations and meet your specific production applications.

Ohio Tool Works assures:

  • Flexibility and accuracy
  • Top quality equipment for rigidity, strength, durability and long life
  • Meeting the requirements of the operator
  • Capability to coordinate your operations with our technology
  • Single source provider
  • In-depth industry and applications expertise
  • Top quality customer support
  • 100% turnkey installations
  • Training on-site and short learning curve
  • FREE evaluation of your current set-up
  • Guarantee of 24/7 live support
  • Dedicated to your success, right from initial consultation to post-installation

Henko is a proud supplier of OTW’s honing stones and abrasives. To learn more about these products, please contact us using the online enquiry form.

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Available Equipments

OTW: Horizontal Honing Equipment
Horizontal Honing Equipment
ModelOTW-1000, OTW-3000, OTW-5000, OTW-7000
I.D. CapacityHeavy Duty Tooling 0.5"-3.0" TO 4.0"-40.0" (12-76 mm) TO (102-1016 mm)
Stroke Capacity6.6' TO 42.0' (2-13 M)
Spindle Drive5HP-50HP (3,75-37,3Kw)
Reciprocation Rate10-100, infinitely variable

OTW: Horizontal Honing Equipment

OTW: Vertical Honing Equipment
Vertical Honing Machine
ModelHeavy Duty Tooling 0.2"-12.0"(5-305 mm)Heavy Duty Tooling 3.0"-24.0"(76-610 mm)
I.D. CapacityHeavy Duty Tooling 0.2"-12.0"(5-305 mm)Heavy Duty Tooling 3.0"-24.0"(76-610 mm)
Stroke Capacity (4-Offering)24" (609 mm) 48" (1152 mm) 60" (1524 mm) 72" (1829 mm)-
Spindle Drive5HP (3,75 Kw) 10HP (7,46 Kw) 15HP (11,1 Kw)30HP (22,3 Kw)
  • Tool Expansion: Single, Two-Stage (rough/finish)
  • Automatic Size Control: Median Size, Plug Type
  • Coolant System/Filtration Option: Deep bed paper, Magnetic over paper, Magnetic separator
  • Work Table: Rotary index, Leteral index, In/out
  • Fixturing: Collet style, End clamping

OTW: Vertical Honing Equipment