Smart Vision

SmartVision invents, develops, produces and supports innovative in-line and off-line Smart Quality Control Equipments for industrial production. Their equipments make quality control task automatic, objective, easy and fast and therefore ensure large benefits to our customers, in terms of quality and efficiency improvements, control of the processes and overall cost reduction. We build our growth upon solid long-term partnerships with major customers Companies in Optical, Glass, Automotive, Appliance, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Mechanical and Plastic Industries and Machine Builders.

All SmartVision equipments guarantee the following key features:

  • FAST: save time and money in control tasks & increase the quality check rate.
  • AUTOMATIC: operator has only to read a pass / fail semaphore.
  • EASY TO USE: suitable for any unskilled worker.
  • OBJECTIVE: output is not affected by the operator.
  • CONTACTLESS: measure is not affected by contact on the item.
  • INDUSTRIAL: rugged, suited for heavy duty cycle in production.
  • COMPACT: space-saving.
  • ERGONOMIC: easy and fast to use for any untrained worker.
  • SMART: knowledge is embedded inside the equipment.

Available Equipment

Smart Projector
S_P_C 5MS@22 Version 422 x 1627352
S_P_C 5MS@42 Version 442 x 31521302
S_P_C 5MS@83 Version 483 x 621045146
S_P_C 5MS@129 Version 4129 x 9716112513
S_P_C 5MS@172 Version 4172 x 12921522188

Smart Projector