Trevisan machines have a truly unique machining system offering a multitude of operations that can be performed on a static work piece up to a 3000 mm diameter.

Trevisan’s Machining Center has a built-in U-axis combines the advantages offered by drilling milling and turning (U-Axis) in 1 set up. This set up is particularly suited to the machining of valves and other unbalanced components.

Trevisan machining center essentially combines the advantages offered by stationary-part machining with those of rotating-part machining.

Virtually any type of turning jobs can be performed along with drilling, tapping and milling applications in a single set up.

Customization of machines and fixtures to your needs.


Trevisan machines represent a truly unique machining system which can be employed with dual or multi-pallet changer systems.

  • The quill is equipped for milling, drilling and tapping.
  • A second more powerful spindle is able to perform all types of turning operations, such as :- taper and spherical turning, boring, back facing, and single point thread-cutting using mostly standard cutting tools.

  • Enables a vast variety of operation to be performed, with the workpiece clamped in a static fixture and oriented in different directions for multi-face machining.
  • All internal component of the spindle head are continueously lubricated with a monitored progressive lubrication system.
  • Excellent chip flow.

Available Equipment