Why Henko

With more than 25 years in the precision engineering industry, Henko is the name you can trust to deliver the right machines to suit your exact needs.

Best of Expertise

Being the exclusive distritbutor for most – if not all – of the brands represented, Henko possesses direct, first-hand product information and application specifics from the brand principals through regular mindshare and training.

As such, Henko establishes itself as an authoritative source of knowledge for the brands carried, providing best of expertise and practices in equipment usage to help customers maximise ROI.


With over 2 decades of industry and trading experience behind it, Henko has an intimate and immediate understanding of what works and what does not, given any customer’s usage requirements.

Customers are spared the hassle and lengthy process of going through unnecessary equipment trials and tests; they can simply rely on Henko’s insightful counsel and advice to deploy the right machine for the right situation, saving money and time.

Service Excellence

Henko stands by the customer throughout the whole process of equipment deployment, handling all necessary matters for customers each step of the way – right at the start with the pre-sales, through project consultation and equipment selection, to finally delivery and implementation.

Henko does not stop here; and goes beyond to be always ready with after-sales technical and service support when called upon by customers.